Polymer Product Innovation and Development


R&D assistance from the conceptualisation stage to productionisation of a functional polymeric product or compound, which may be based on compositions of rubber (elastomer), engineering thermoplastics, or  thermosetting polymers.


The need for a new development in automotive, defence or engineering sector could arise from the drive to innovate continuously for market leadership, to indigenise (make in the country) or import-substitute functional polymeric products, to replace critical metal parts with light-weight engineering polymers, to comply with mandatory environmental regulations, or to meet the product performance in a challenging, new application area or market.  Whatever be the driver of development, we assist our clients’ R&D team in every possible way to succeed in new product development efforts.  Our involvement not only infuses a fresh, innovative air of thoughts to the development process but gives great momentum to all stages of development through science-enabled collaborations. In order to accelerate the development process we, on behalf of clients, often closely work with international corporations or laboratories for purposes ranging from sourcing of requisite R&D chemicals to carrying out of some of the development and testing work using their facility. We bring our clients experiences of successful innovation to indigenise functional polymeric products in automotive and transportation area.


Product Quality Improvement and Process Upgradation


Expert assistance in improving quality/cost of polymeric products and necessary upgradation of process to manufacture products to right specifications incurring minimum process wastes or rejects.


Occurrences of warranty failures, non-optimal product quality/performance, high process wastes / rejects are any manufacturer’s nightmare, since these affect supply orders and bottom line adversely unless set right promptly. We help manufacturers of polymeric products and assemblies to find effective solutions to such critical issues through rigorous cause analysis, and product /process audits. The solutions are presented in a report with easy-to-implement recommendations for ready action.  Our problem solving approach is based on careful scientific study, detailed analysis and thorough evaluation of a problem and its conditions/causes, aided, at times, by statistical techniques for optimisation and fine-tuning of product performance/quality optimisation and process. The methodology brings in engineered value to products and processes. We always care about clients’ concerns in product ‘failure’ cases and process troubles, and respond with swiftness and efficiency to address the problems effectively.


Environmental assessment and Compliance


Advice and guidance in making polymeric products, assembled components and the related manufacturing process environmentally compliant with respect to applicable local, regional and global regulations.


We offer professional guidance to our industry clients in assessing how their specific products, assembled components, and the processes measure up against applicable environmental standards and requirements locally, regionally and globally. Some examples of the global environmental legislation include EU RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS, REACH, and CLP. The resulting ‘green’ assessment report presents valuable information that can highlight important areas for consideration of environmental compliance, provides useful insights into applicable standards and requirements, and charts implementation strategies at internal or external (supply chain) level.


We also partner with you to keep you updated on upcoming changes to and clarification of  environmental regulations that can impact product innovations, process/product improvement, and export of products to foreign markets, e.g. the European market. In brief, we help organisations meet the new and ever-changing environmental requirements today and tomorrow and avert unwanted consequences and penalties of non-compliance.


Custom Training


We design and deliver highly effective training programs in areas of polymer materials technologies, polymer processing, polymer testing and characterization, and environmental legislation. The training courses can be specifically structured to individual client needs and can be offered at the client’s site or at other locations. Employees receive high quality training through these courses designed to update their knowledge in specific areas of polymer materials, processing, products testing, and environmental legislation.  For more information, please contact…


Expert Technical Interfacing


There are two things we offer under this unique ‘interfacing’ service.


First, for global corporations, we can act as special technical consultant to interface their Indian customers with superior technical service support or to develop newer applications for Indian market of their specific polymeric products, compositions and chemical additives.  Our expert participation reliably provides extraordinary customer experiences that create delighted advocates of the corporations, their products and brands in India, improving the corporations’ market share.  Our broad understanding of the Indian market, customer-centric approach, innovation focus and strong expertise in polymers – all come into play to make this happen.


Second, for Indian companies, we act as resourceful technical interface to source in – reliably and cost-effectively – supplies of crucially important industrial or R&D chemicals that they require. First, through active consultations, we critically examine the specific needs in terms of applications, processing and environmental obligations and firmly establish the right material and supply specifications for the chemicals required. This is a very unique contribution from us in this interfacing service. The right suppliers are then identified by means of a global search by us, and the Indian companies next proceed directly with the suppliers to process and procure their requirement. Our deep technical and materials knowledge in polymers and chemicals, wide industry experience and sincere commitment bring much ease and convenience to the entire process of sourcing and procurement, ensuring right and cost-effective supplies to the client companies on time.