Product Quality Improvement and Process Upgradation

Expert assistance in improving quality/cost of polymeric products and necessary upgradation of process to manufacture products to right specifications incurring minimum process wastes or rejects.


Occurrences of warranty failures, non-optimal product quality/performance, high process wastes / rejects are any manufacturer’s nightmare, since these affect supply orders and bottom line adversely unless set right promptly. We help manufacturers of polymeric products and assemblies to find effective solutions to such critical issues through rigorous cause analysis, and product /process audits. The solutions are presented in a report with easy-to-implement recommendations for ready action.  Our problem solving approach is based on careful scientific study, detailed analysis and thorough evaluation of a problem and its conditions/causes, aided, at times, by statistical techniques for optimisation and fine-tuning of product performance/quality optimisation and process. The methodology brings in engineered value to products and processes. We always care about clients’ concerns in product ‘failure’ cases and process troubles, and respond with swiftness and efficiency to address the problems effectively.


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