Polymer Product Innovation and Development

R&D assistance from the conceptualisation stage to productionisation of a functional polymeric product or compound, which may be based on compositions of rubber (elastomer), engineering thermoplastics, or  thermosetting polymers.


The need for a new development in automotive, defence or engineering sector could arise from the drive to innovate continuously for market leadership, to indigenise (make in the country) or import-substitute functional polymeric products, to replace critical metal parts with light-weight engineering polymers, to comply with mandatory environmental regulations, or to meet the product performance in a challenging, new application area or market.  Whatever be the driver of development, we assist our clients’ R&D team in every possible way to succeed in new product development efforts.  Our involvement not only infuses a fresh, innovative air of thoughts to the development process but gives great momentum to all stages of development through science-enabled collaborations. In order to accelerate the development process we, on behalf of clients, often closely work with international corporations or laboratories for purposes ranging from sourcing of requisite R&D chemicals to carrying out of some of the development and testing work using their facility. We bring our clients experiences of successful innovation to indigenise functional polymeric products in automotive and transportation area.


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