Environmental assessment and Compliance

Advice and guidance in making polymeric products, assembled components and the related manufacturing process environmentally compliant with respect to applicable local, regional and global regulations.


We offer professional guidance to our industry clients in assessing how their specific products, assembled components, and the processes measure up against applicable environmental standards and requirements locally, regionally and globally. Some examples of the global environmental legislation include EU RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS, REACH, and CLP. The resulting ‘green’ assessment report presents valuable information that can highlight important areas for consideration of environmental compliance, provides useful insights into applicable standards and requirements, and charts implementation strategies at internal or external (supply chain) level.


We also partner with you to keep you updated on upcoming changes to and clarification of  environmental regulations that can impact product innovations, process/product improvement, and export of products to foreign markets, e.g. the European market. In brief, we help organisations meet the new and ever-changing environmental requirements today and tomorrow and avert unwanted consequences and penalties of non-compliance.


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