Based in Pune – India, Techon Consulting and Training services is a privately owned technical consulting company with strong expertise in areas of polymers and related chemicals.


At Techon, we are passionate about providing focused help to industries that are either manufacturers or end-users of functional rubber products, thermoplastic materials, thermosetting or similar compositions in developing or improving their products and processes.


The drive to make any changes in products and processes could arise from the pressing need of continuous innovation (R&D) for clear competitive advantage, improving polymer product quality /cost for increased customer satisfaction, implementing environmental regulations for compliance, or entering new markets or demanding application areas. By adopting a distinctive approach of leveraging hard sciences and innovation–driven knowledge trends we partner with industry clients – for example, industries manufacturing and supplying automotive, defence or other engineering components, to find not only better but, most often,  newer solutions to their technical problems and challenges. Our expertise in the matter of environmental compliance is profitable for clients, as it can help shape up technologically and environmentally right solutions for concerned markets.


On behalf of our clients, when required, we facilitate technical discussions and work inclusively with international corporations for purposes ranging from sourcing in right materials and chemicals for R&D / products improvement to conducting product development trials at their facility. In order to quicken the delivery of true results, we pursue a well-devised course of practical actions tailored to our clients’ unique problems and challenges.


In our consulting work, we also provide customized training to our clients, when needed, in relevant technical or environmental topics to upgrade the knowledge base that helps enhance the work performance and satisfaction of the employees.


Another consulting service – we call it ‘expert technical interfacing’ – is somewhat different in kind from other activities at Techon. Under this service, we offer two things: first, to global companies –  as an expert interface, we support their Indian customers with superior technical service or assist  in newer applications development of their polymeric products, related compositions and functional additives for the Indian market; second, for Indian companies – as a resourceful interface, we source in – reliably and cost-effectively –  supplies of crucially important industrial or R&D chemicals to meet their required specifications, which we critically examine and establish beforehand, against the specific  applications and processing needs.


On every engagement, we commit to creating a truly lasting impact, bringing in freshness and high standards of service with independent thoughts, enhanced value and technical excellence to our clients.


Dr. Asoke K. Rath, Chief Consultant and Founder

Dr. Asoke K Rath is the chief consultant and founder of Techon Consulting and Training Services. He is a recognized polymer industry consultant, educator and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of consulting and research experience providing innovative solutions in areas of polymer product development and improvement to industries. He has worked on projects involving a variety of polymers like thermoset rubbers, e.g. SBR, Nitrile, EPDM, Vamac,  engineering thermoplastics, e.g.  ABS, PTFE, filled polyamide 6 and 66, filled PP, PU thermoplastic elastomers, thermosetting resins e.g. phenolics, acrylate-based resins.  He works extensively on environmental compliance and the related matters.


He held industrial, academic and research positions at different times after completing his B Tech and M Tech degrees in Polymer Engineering. He obtained his Ph D degree for research work on study of novel thermotropic liquid crystalline (co)polyesters (LCPs), a class of ultra high performance thermoplastic polymers.


He has research publications in international scientific journals and a book chapter on blends of thermoplastic polyesters in “Handbook of Thermoplastic  Polyesters”  (Vol. 2) edited by S. Fakirov  (Wiley-VCH, 2002).