Based in Pune – India, TECHON CONSULTING AND TRAINING SERVICES is a privately owned technical consulting company with strong expertise in areas of polymers and related chemicals.

At Techon, we are passionate about providing focussed help to industries that are either manufacturers or
end-users of functional rubber products, thermoplastic materials, thermosetting or similar compositions in
developing or improving their products and processes.

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Welcome to the website of Techon Consulting and Training Services, a consulting firm that was founded to help processors and users of functional polymer compositions and products based on elastomers, thermosets or thermoplastics!

 As founder, was there anything more compelling behind the conception of this company? Yes, there was, and that is an intense desire to create cutting-edge experience and genuinely added value in areas of polymer processing and product applications for industries such as yours in automotive, engineering and other sectors. Staying ahead of competition to thrive has been a formidable challenge in recent times when business, economic and technological environments are rapidly changing.

Techon Consulting and Training Services works through a science-leaning, practical-to-implement approach to your needs of polymer products development or improvement, which diligently keeps in view the compliance goals with respect to environmental norms applicable. So, in this way, it makes unique service offerings marked by science-based knowledge and expertise combining due environmental considerations.

We truly look forward to working with your company. In fact, with you in partnership, we can demonstrate our high standards of client service and professional commitment.

One last thing: If you ever have any suggestions, comments, or concerns regarding this website or any other matter, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.



Asoke Rath, Ph.D.


Our vision is to build a center of excellence in polymer consulting and research that industry clients from around the world come to when they want best possible solutions to their problems concerning polymer materials, products performance, process, applications and environmental conformity. We believe caring clients’ success and interests are our topmost priority. We align our motivation with our clients’ and act more as a capable, independent collaborator than an adviser to achieve truly significant results and meaningful solutions. We believe in enduring relationships based on trust with clients, people and communities. It is paramount for us to generate the experience of fulfilment on every engagement with clients and others.




R&D assistance from the conceptualisation stage to productionisation of a functional polymeric product or compound, which

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Product Quality Improvement and Process Upgradation

Expert assistance in improving quality/cost of polymeric products and necessary upgradation of process to

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Environmental assessment and Compliance

Advice and guidance in making polymeric products, assembled components and the related manufacturing process

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Custom Training

We design and deliver highly effective training programs in areas of polymer materials technologies, polymer

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Expert Technical Interfacing

For global corporations, we can act as special technical consultant to interface their Indian customers with superior

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